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Playing with Futures — Annual Meeting 2005 of facilitators of Future Workshops

Workshop protocol
in Open Space

How to make Future Workshops fit for Europe?

Called and recorded by: Stephan G. Geffers
Contributors: Andrea Wagner, Lars Meyer, Petra Eickhoff, Stephan G. Geffers.

This record broaches the issue of the prospects to Workshops for Futures in expanding Europe which have received insuffisant consideration so far. After collecting aguments in a 4-Questions-Array (pro and contra, remarquable and debatable matters) for an engagement in spreading this concept in entire Europe, the second step in the open space workshop was to work on starting-points. This was done by using typical methods from the concept of Workshops for Futures that should activate imaginativeness. After performing a mental headstand, forming art works from plasticine, interpreting pictorial symbols and sorting the catchwords it was implemented as a result how to begin practical work on the intentions. A special forum for the forthcoming discussion will be implemented on this web address: www.zwnetz.de / Europa

Pin ZW2005 Cut-out and translation in Open Space of the Annual Meeting ZW2005:

Foil to issue:

Workshops for Futures are also well-known in many parts of the world. However they seem to act no part for example in the new acceeding countries to the European Union. You'd think that Workshops for Futures are - excempt from some North European countries - are merely spreaded in German speaking countries. Simultanously you'd think that facilitators of Workshops for Futures don't have a pronounced interest to apply the methodology, for example in the Eastern European countries. The intend could be to modificate the methodology to the needs of real political situation, to learn from the people there and to advantage something new. At the moment Workshops for Futures seem to be not fit for Europe.

Methodological procedure of the workshop group:

In the beginning aguments were collected in a 4-Questions-Array (pro [+] and contra [-], remarquable [!] and debatable [?] matters) to the issue what should be done to make Workshops for Futures fit for entire Europe. After that a paradox intervention happened. in a mental headstand the question was: How could we prevent effectively that this concept should be known at all in Europe. Next step was an imaginative phase of teamworking where visionary statuettes sprouted from plasticine which represent ideas and wishes how it should be one day. This art works will be exhibited virtually in this site to give excitations to more ideas how to begin practical work on the intentions: http://www.zwnetz.de/europa For now the workshop group finished with interpreting and sorting the catchwords found out of the pictorial symbols. (Facilitator: Stephan G. Geffers).


Arguments pro establishing Workshop for Futures in more countries of Europe?

– Future Workshops are already spreaded worldwide in variants / adaptions – The process of European agreements requires qualified participation – Cultural differences within Europe are small – As facilitators we have something good to offer – We really enyoy to think outside the box in international projects – delight to venture – Informal international contacts already exist –


Arguments contra establishing Workshop for Futures in more countries?

– A lot of inquiry work – language barriers – Increasing effort: preparation / communication / travel / transportation expenses – satisfied with nearby tasks –


... pendant ...

– imperative that we are obliged to adapt to other languages and cultures –


What should be remarqued to increasing fitness of Workshops for Futures for Europe?

Walt-Disney-Method – Publication describing the concept is going to be translated in Portuguese for Brazil – peripherals of Porto-Allegre should be researched / purified – distributed experiences at Balkan states –


What should be debated to increasing fitness of Workshops for Futures for Europe?

– Where are Workshops for Futures actually outside Germany / Austria / Switzerland? – How can we find appropriate associates for cooperation? – In which context will we able to begin (foundation / association / independend venture?) –

[ :-) ]

Mental headstand: Prevent effectively that the concept of Workshops for Futures should be known at all!

  • Disconnect www.zwnetz.de, this website carries too much information
  • Enact a ban on publishing the concept, anyone who offends should be defamed
  • Notice board of illegal publicists
  • Only speak German, otherwise you must keep out
  • Manifesto / Annual Declaration of intend to safeguard German Workshops for Futures
  • Using subversive methods like crying babies...
    (It's a paradox intervention - not to be taken too seriously!)

The vision: Beyond doubt Workshops for Futures are fit for Europe – interpreting the art works

  • Colourful creature surged from butterflies or inversely, like an evolution, metamorphosing, using catanations of canals
  • Creature grasps a lot of spirit and emits it
  • Gifts are Workshops for Futures, own culture in feed-back to others, own frankness
  • A symbolic figure that gives not only a name but an allegoration
  • A symbol for the European Workshop for Futures, an angel upon the clouds is admirable
  • Workshops for Futures will change by getting more agile and moving
  • Porous political layers can be visited and easily attained for bringing them presents
  • A female (blonde) facilitator of Workshops for Futures spreads the concept in whole Europe
crazy: / unexplicable:
  • (see full size report, which is so far not translated into English)

Potentiality / Your chance to participate in discussion:
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Playing with Futures — Annual Meeting 2005 of facilitators of Future Workshops

Workshop protocol
in Open Space

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